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We'll be there when you need us to cleanup & restore your fire damaged property.

Fire Damage Restoration Process


The fire damage restoration process requires detailed knowledge about construction as well as smoke removal, soot and ash elimination, stain removal, content restoration, toxicity removal and restoring balance to the environment. Even if your belongings are seriously water-logged or smoke damaged, many of them can be recovered by fire damage restoration specialists.


How does the fire damage restoration process work?

  • Detailed inspection of fire damage, smoke damage and water damage

  • Boardup & securing, temporary fencing as needed

  • Water extraction, drying and dehumidification units are put into place

  • Contents are evaluated and sorted into salvageable and non-salvageable

  • Salvageable contents are cleaned and stored

  • Fire damaged structure is removed

  • Additional cleanup including decontamination, sanitizers and anti-microbials

  • Detailed estimates are then prepared for the reconstruction, repair and/or restoration of fire damaged property to get you back to normal.



Why you need professional fire damage restoration

Most fire damage restoration projects include cleanup and restoration of contents as well as  structure. Fire damage can be from fire, smoke, or the water used to extinguish the flames. Fire damage cleanup is a long and tedious process. The sooner you get fire damage cleaned up and repaired, the better for you, your property, and your wallet.

Post-Fire cleanup can cause more damage

Fires cause considerable damage to property - structures and contents. "After the fire" activities can cause more damage, however. It is important to take immediate action but it needs to be the right action so that you do not do more harm than good.  Carpets, draperies, upholstered furniture and clothing usually can be salvaged and cleaned after a fire with professional equipment and expertise.

Cleaning Fire, Soot & Smoke: Chemical Reactions

Not all fire damage is the same. The American Red Cross provides tips for getting started but it is important to keep in mind that fire creates two types of smoke damage — the visible soot and the invisible odor. Fire damage cleanup techniques vary based on the components of the fire. Because each fire is different, it is not possible to provide one set of guidelines for fire damage cleanup. Smoke odor from wood could react differently to some cleaning products than smoke odor from plastics. It can be difficult, if not impossible, for property owners — inexperienced in fire damage cleanup and fire damage restoration — to restore fire damaged property and eliminate smoke odors without professional assistance and equipment.

Getting started on your fire damage cleanup and restoration gets you back to normal quickly!

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Great service, friendly staff. Fast and easy to get an appointment on-line using the website. Competitive prices…very convenient and looks great.




I recommend this place to anyone looking to tint their vehicle windows. Not only do they have the best prices but they get it done in a timely manner. Mauricio always takes care of our vehicles and we will continue going to him for this service. 💯




Did a awesome job on my two front windows on my Dodge and in a very timely manner and did me a solid and made them a little darker which they were right looks even better than I imagined

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